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"A Personal History of the People's Food System"

An Essay that appears in the book Ten Years that Shook the City, City Lights Books, 2010.

Golden Gate Gardening: The Complete Guide to Year-Round Food Gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area and Coastal California

All gardening is local. This complete book of vegetable gardening caters to gardeners in coastal Northern California (Klamath to San Luis Obispo) and the San Francisco Bay Area (the coast to Napa and Contra Costa counties)…offers the best, tested techniques for growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Wildly Successful Plants: Northern California

Are you planning: A drought-tolerant garden? One that attracts hummingbirds? A garden for cut flowers? A tropical paradise, cottage garden, or a mediterranean-style patio? A small garden? A container garden? Wildly Successful Plants has plants to fit every creative impulse.