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Upcoming Events

Pam lectures often on year-round gardening, small space gardening, climate and microclimate for gardeners, eating from a small garden, environmentally friendly pest management, wildly successful ornamental plants for Northern California gardens, learning to identify garden plants, and other topics.

Recent venues included the national convention of the Herb Society of America, the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, Pollinate Farm and Garden (in Oakland), Sloat Garden Center in SF, Kentfield, and Pleasant Hill, the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, several branches of the San Francisco Public Library, and training or enrichment programs for a couple of Bay Area Master Gardener programs.


Pam was present at a number of events last fall, to celebrate and introduce the 4th, 30th Anniversary, edition of Golden Gate Gardening.


She is now planning spring events to continue the celebration. Here are the upcoming public Spring/Summer events:


On March 23rd at 10:00 in the morning, Pam will give a hands-on workshop on Plant Propagation at the Garden for the Environment, at 7th Avenue and Lawton. There is a small fee. Go to gardenfortheenvironment.org for more information. 


On May 4th, at 10:30 AM, she will speak at the Burlingame Public Library on "Dining Gloriously From Your Small-Space Food Garden." There will be a PowerPoint slide show and handouts that include resipes. The presentation is free and Golden Gate Gardening 4th (30th Anniversary) edition will be avalable for purchase and signing after the talk. 


On April 9, Pam will speak at Bookshop Santa Cruz on "Getting the Most From Your Small-Space Food Garden," with a slide show presentattion. The event is free, but attendees are requested to register ahead of the eventm, which you can do on the website of the book store.bookshopsantacruz.com. It will be at 7 in the evening. 


On August 10, at 10 AM, Pam will geve a talk on "Growing Food in the Secret Season: January-March," at Flowercraft Garden Center, 550 Bayshore. It is free. For more information, see the website of the store. Bring your winter vegetable garden questions.


The following events happened last fall:


The book release party was at the Garden for the Environment, at 7th Avenue and Lawton, on Saturday, September 23. Attendees enjoyed refreshments, toured that demontration garden, and participated in a raffle of 3 free copies of the book.
On September 30, at 10:30 AM, Pam spoke on Year-round Food Gardening at the Monterey Public Library.
On October 1, she spoke at River House Bookstore in Carmel-by-the-Sea.
On Thursday, October 5, at 7 PM, Pam answered garden questions at Bookshop West Portal, in San Francisco.
On Saturday, October 7, at 2 PM, Pam spoke on "Dining Gloriously from your Small-space Food Garden at Annie's Annuals, 740 Market Avenue, Richmond, California. There was a Powerpoint Slide show and handouts that included recipes. After her talk, there was an East Bay Release party with refreshments and Pam sold and signed books. This event was free.
She repeated the talk, with Powerpoint slide show and recipe handouts on Sunday, October 15, at the Bernal Branch of the San Francisco Public Library. 
The same topic, slide show and handouts were also presented for the SF Botanical Garden at 6 PM on October 29th.
On November 12, 2-3, Pam will be at Book Passage, in San Francisco, at the Ferry Building, where she will answer gardening questions and sign copies of GGG.

This was postponed, due to APEC-caused street closures. It took place, instead, early in 2024--on January 4. 
On Tuesday, December 5, 12 noon to 1 PM, Pam will present a Zoom talk "Getting the Most from your Small-space Food Garden," for the SF Public Library. Get details and information about attending at the SFPL.org website events calendar.

She will add more talks and events for spring 2024 as they are set up.



Below are links to two of her recent public Zoom presentations:


On November 20,2021,  Pam gave a Zoom Webinar for Sloat Garden Center on growing food in the Secret Season--January through March. In the middle of this talk, the power in our house went off briefly. She got back on to Zoom and finished the talk. Good thing it was a brief outage!






On February 26th, 2022, Pam gave a Zoom presentation for Sloat Garden Center on eating from a small food garden, that is, coordinating what you can grow with what you will eat.







In addition to events relating to gardening, Pam has been taking part in events to publicize the book Ten Years that Shook the City: San Francisco, 1968-1978. She has written an essay in this anthology about her experiences as a writer and editor of Turnover Magazine, a publication on food issues connected to the People's Food System, a group of collectively run wholesale and retail food businesses. You can learn more about the book at http://www.shapingsf.org/books.html.

In concert with publication of this book, a walking tour of the Mission District of San Francisco has been set up. There are stations where one can use a cell phone or a smartphone to hear recorded excerpts of essays from the book. Pam's reading is at 20th Street and Alabama, the former site of several Food System businesses. Guided tours are announced at http://www.shapingsf.org/tours.html. For more information, you can also call 415-608-9035.

In June of 2012, the publisher of Ten Years that Shook the City: 1968-1978 was given an award by the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. The award, which was for "Contribution to Publishing," was part of their 81st California Book Awards.


For those seeking to study Turnover Magazine and read Pam's srticles on food history and on nutrition, a complete set of issues is in the history room of the San Francisco Public Library.