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Starting March 1, 2015, I will be writing a monthly column for the SF Chronicle/sfgate.com, as part of their "In the Garden" feature. It will appear on the first Sunday of each month in the Food + Home section and will include several short features each month, including Q&A, Book Reviews, events, and new or interesting plants.


You can still read an archive of Golden Gate Gardener, my former SF Chronicle/sfgate.com, Q&A column. See the quick link to an archive of these columns on this website, in the lower right corner of each page (scroll down). I also encourage you to read Golden Gate Gardening and Wildly Successful Plants, both of which answer many a question I've been asked for the column.


To ask a question seeking an answer in my column, you use the form at the bottom of this page (but it won't accept photos), or you can ask it at home@sfchronicle.com (does accept photos). To be absolutely sure I see the question with a photo, send it to the Chronicle and send me a note through this web site that you have done so, so I can ask them about it. (Also, be aware that if you send me an email through this web site, your email address will not be in the header, so I won't know it unless you put it in the body of the message.)